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Toxic Ski and snowboard wax polluting groundwater

Denver, Co – November 26, 2010 – Enviro Mountain Sports has determined that potentially 2,812,500 (2.182 million) pounds of toxic chemicals from ski & snowboard wax will be deposited into some of the most pristine mountain eco systems in the USA during the 2010-11 season. And the potential is even higher when you include the Canadian skier visits in the calculation. Most ski and snowboard wax is made from crude oil, and petroleum, toxic fluorocarbons, PTFE’s, perfluorocarbons, & other dangerous chemicals. In addition, most of these waxes have been imported into North America from by foreign companies.

Greg Barker, CEO of Enviro Mountain Sports explains that most ski and snowboard wax is imported into North America from foreign companies. It is manufactured overseas with many of the wax manufacturers who are actually flaunting that their brands have a higher chemical content than other companies. Also, most of these chemicals used in ski & snowboard wax will not break down in our environment. They will remain toxic for many thousands of years. Not only are these toxic chemical ski & snowboard waxes dangerous to the ground water, but they are also dangerous to the person applying them. From the "Annals of Emergency Medicine" (Nov. 98) Article describes the respiratory failure of a skier after waxing skis. The article is by Swiss Doctors that treated the skier and they believe that gases from the fluorocarbon ski wax were the cause. Barker explains that many ski racing coaches will not allow their racers into a wax room before a race, because of the lasting effect on lung capacity from breathing the toxic fumes. Bruno Knopli remarked that "The effect on the oxygen uptake capacity can last 30 minutes to 24 hours and begins within half to three quarters of an hour after entry into the wax room, especially when a synthetic wax is used at a very high temperature, which release gases –we now see that ordinary petroleum based waxes produce similar results." ( Der Laufer (Swiss Magazine)

When Mr. Barker was asked about the 2,812,500 pounds of wax sounding like an exaggeration, or an over estimate, he explained that is the "potential" amount during this season. He says they took the averages of what it took to wax alpine skis and snowboards by your average recreational skier or boarder. "There is a lot of waste during the actual waxing procedure, and not every skier or boarder waxes their equipment regularly. So, if we don't actually use that much toxic wax does that make it ok?"  Mr. Barker thinks it is not ok.

Enviro Mountain Sports is now actively promoting the use of environmentally friendly ski & snowboard waxes. Barker explains, that they have developed an all natural alternative to the toxic chemical waxes. He says that they have tested and refined the formula over the last couple of seasons and that their waxes are made of ingredients grown by American Farmers and uses ingredients that are actually edible. "Our products are all-natural and environmentally safe, as well as being formulated for maximum speed and control desired by skiers and snowboarders."

According to Mr. Barker, "The question I get most often is, "does your wax perform as good as the waxes people use now?" My answer, no, it actually works better! It has been developed by a group of outstanding biochemists, tested and retested by countless skiers and snowboarders across the country, and has slickness coefficients that match or exceed the toxic chemical waxes on the market today. Also, it is produced in the U.S.A., (Colorado and New Mexico), and we use only ingredients grown by North American Farmers, so our products do not pollute our country, or add to our trade deficit." "We are an environmentally conscious company that uses renewable resources to protect our pristine mountains and ecosystems".

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