Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Enviro Mountain Wax compare to the old favorite ski waxes. The ones that are made of petroleum products?
A: We have tested our waxes against the major brands. We are happy to report that our wax performed equally if not better than the petroleum based waxes. Our testing as well as some independent testing shows a statistically insignificant difference between our ALL NATURAL Wax and their toxic chemical waxes. We tested the waxes against our wax by timing the skis and boards as they ran through a 100 ft section of snow at 21 degrees f. This test was performed 25 times each for each type of wax in order to get an accurate sample of information.

Q: You say your wax is All Natural, is it edible?
A: The ingredients are all food based extracts from plants grown by American Farmers. We do not promote this as a food product for eating because we do not have control of what is done with the wax after it leaves our facility, and we do not package it as food. That being said, I have fried an egg in the melted vegetable oil from the wax, and then ate it!

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