Our Wax helps to enhance the performance of your Skis or Snowboards!

  1. They are Environmentally Friendly

  2. Our waxes help to "naturally" enhance the speed and control characteristics of your equipment.

  3. Regular waxing with our products helps to protect your equipment, and provide a more responsive high performance ride.

  4. Our products are formulated for maximum speed and control desired by skiers and snowboarders.

  5. Our wax comes from a renewable resource.

  6. By using our wax, you are helping our North American Farming community.

Imagine this for a moment...

Imagine this for a moment...

This may not seem like a lot, but consider this:

At a ski area that has 1 million skier visits per year, imagine the "potential" of just 3/4oz per skier rubbing off of their skis onto the snow and into the ground water. It doesn’t sound like a lot but with our example of 1 million skier visits per year, that’s 750,000 ounces or 46,875 pounds of toxic waste going into what we thought were some of the most pristine eco systems in the country. The waxes today are crude oil & petroleum by-products, fluorocarbons, paraffin, fluoro’s, graphite, and other toxic chemicals. The most common ones contain at least 2 known carcinogens.  Also, most of the toxic waxes are imported into the USA from foreign countries contributing to our countries trade deficit.


We feel so strongly about our products and the environment, that we will donate a portion of our proceeds to environmental causes and projects that enhance our outdoor sporting experiences.


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        Rub On!

1. The easiest form of waxing is to just rub the wax on. If you can't be bothered with the iron and all the grief, just rub the stuff on.

2. Rub the Enviro Mountain Wax™ on and then rub into the base of the ski or snow board by polishing with the all natural polishing pad.  The friction of the pad will provide enough heat to push the wax into the base of the ski or board.