Waxing enhances turning, speed and base durability

The main problem skiers and snowboarders encounter is non-responsive slow equipment. A properly waxed ski or snowboard will perform at the optimum level as well as be protected by this layer of wax. The problem is that throughout the course of the day, the wax wears off of the skis or boards and the residue is left in the snow.

Hot Waxing 

Clean the base of your skis or board with an all natural base cleaner. Never use gasoline or other chemical based solvents, because they can not only damage the base of your ski or board, but it is also bad for the environment and your health when you inhale the fumes.

Squeeze only a small amount of all natural base cleaner on to a rag or wash cloth. Then clean the base of your skis or board. You do not want to pour cleaner directly onto the base because the bases of skis & boards are porous designed to have wax penetrate them. (You want the wax to penetrate the skis or board and not the cleaner which is used just to clean off the dirt and grime from the surface.)

Allow your skis or boards to dry for at least 5 minutes.

Set an iron Temperature between 115 - 125 degrees, if your iron does not have a temperature gage, then set it on low to medium.  The idea is to get the wax to drip off of the iron with out causing the wax to smoke or burn.

Drip the wax onto the base of the board or skis. Distribute it evenly and then take the iron and spread the wax into the base of the ski or board taking care not to get any one area too hot (keep the iron moving.) After you have smoothed out the wax up the entire length of the ski or board, then let the wax cool for at about 20 minutes.

Then, take a straight edge plastic scraper and scrape the excess wax from the base of the ski or board. There should be only a thin film of wax remaining. Also, use the plastic scraper to remove any excess wax from the edges of the ski or board.



          All natural ski wax for speed and control

Click here for Instructions on Waxing your Board

Brock Butterfield shows you how to wax your board.  Instructions and pictures by a waxing expert! Click here to go to his waxing page.


Rub on Waxing

  • It is the simplest way to wax your equipment.
  • Just take your Enviro Mountain Wax™ and rub it onto the base of your skis or board
  • Be sure to cover the entire length of the ski or board.
  • Next take your all natural polishing pad and buff and rub the wax into the base of the ski or board.
  • The polishing pad creates friction which heats the wax enough to push some of it into the porous base of the ski or board.

Benefits of Rub on Waxing

1. It is the easiest way to wax.

2. It can be done any-where, on the slopes, in your hotel room, in your truck, or where ever you are. Just rub the stuff on!

3. No irons required.