Commitment to our Environment

We are the premier "All natural ski and snowboard wax" maker in the world. We make only environmentally safe products, and strive to protect our environment in everything we do.  In short, being that our products are used in our pristine mountains and wilderness, we believe we have a special obligation to protect the places we live, work and play.

Enviro Mountain Recycles

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Enviro Mountain Sports, Inc. has a zero waste policy. We use or reuse all of our raw materials for production. Our cardboard, plastics and paper from incoming shipments, label trimmings, and outgoing shipping are recycled through Secured Fibres Inc..  We use locally produced materials, or produced in the USA materials to reduce fuel used during transportation.


Green Trax Alliance

Enviro Mountain Sports, Inc. supports The Green Trax Alliance.  








Protecting our Pristine Mountains

Extraordinary outdoor experiences

Our sport treks division provides incredibly exciting and adventurous GPS hikes.

Sport treks also donates a portion of the proceeds to tree planting in our National Forest.