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The Premier All Natural Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax manufacturer. We only  make environmentally safe products.

Our "Enviro Mountain Wax" , and "Xtasy Wax", will enhance your speed, control, and turn carving.

We are a company that strives to bring environmentally friendly products and solutions to the outdoor sports industry all while protecting our pristine mountains and ecosystemsIf you like to ski or snowboard and love the outdoors, then you’ve stopped at the right website!   

"Farm Grown ski wax and snowboard wax "

 Made in the USA



Enviro Mountain Sports, Inc.  is committed to our environment!

Our company and customers are committed to preserving and restoring our pristine mountain eco systems.  Together, we have decided to help restore the damage done by the bark beetle in our National Forests.  We are concentrating our efforts in and around ski areas affected by the bark beetle infestation.

Our contribution

We are donating 20% of all our retail sales of Enviro Mountain Wax products, and 15% of all wholesale sales.

During the summer of 2011 we will be volunteering to help plant the trees that our donations purchased.  We are also encouraging our customers to volunteer their time to help with these efforts. It will be a very rewarding and satisfying experience for all.

Each retail web site sale of Enviro Mountain Wax ™,  All Natural Ski and Snowboard Wax, will help us to plant 3 trees.  Also, each wholesale sale of 1 bar of wax will help us to plant 1 new tree.

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Skis and Snowboards

Why Should You Wax Your Equipment?

If you've heard that waxing is not important or once a year is enough, then consider for a moment that wax enables your ski to glide better, slide better, and it makes lateral movement easier (or makes turning easier). Now consider the fact that every pro skier skis each race run on freshly waxed skis.   

Here at Enviro Mountain Sports, not only is protecting the environment important to us, but educating people on the importance of waxing is just as equally important.  Please see our page on How To Wax to learn more.

The main problem skiers and snowboarders encounter is non-responsive slow equipment. A properly waxed ski or snowboard will perform at the optimum level as well as be protected by this layer of wax.


We Offer All Natural Ski and Snowboard Wax!

All Natural ski and snowboard wax
Did you know?

That most ski wax and snowboard wax is:

(1.) Made from crude oil, petroleum, fluorocarbons, PTFE's, perfluorocarbons,  & other toxic chemicals?

(2.) That chemicals used and produced for ski wax & snowboard waxes are now showing up in human blood?

(3.) That most ski wax & snowboard wax is imported into North America by foreign companies?

(4.) That most ski wax & snowboard wax is manufactured overseas by foreign companies?  

(5.) That POTENTIALLY 2,812,500 (2.812 million) pounds of toxic chemicals from ski wax & snowboard wax will be deposited into some of the most pristine mountain eco systems in the USA during the 05-06 season?

Help us fight the bark beetle damage to our National Forest.

We are donating a significant  percentage of every sale to reforestation of our National Forest in and around Ski Areas. Also, we are volunteering our time to plant and prepare the area for planting new trees in these areas that have been devastated by the bark beetle.


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Enviro Mountain Wax

All Natural Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax.

Enhances speed, control, and turn carving.

Xtasy Wax

All Natural Ski Wax and Snowboard Wax.

Enhances speed, control, and turn carving.

Enviro Lips

All Natural Lip Balm.